Alan Nairn – Mediator

Alan has been involved in mediation for over a quarter of a century. Initially his practice was mainly concerned with workplace mediation, dealing with change management, working conditions issues and problems arising from workplace bullying. He was also heavily involved in health care mediation. Later, he became involved in drawing up and mediating commercial contracts in a variety of fields including logistics, construction and service provision and in 2012 he co-founded Hampshire Mediation. He is a fully accredited family mediator with the Family Mediation Council and with the Civil Mediation Council for both civil and commercial and workplace mediation.

Alan’s work has taken him around the world and involved him in the resolution of disputes arising over many different issues and against the backdrop of sometimes challenging cultural sensitivities which required novel and innovative solutions. He approached these challenges diligently and with complete integrity, working hard to provide an atmosphere of trust and respect.

He is an effective and able communicator and specialises in helping parties in the most intractable disputes reach mutually acceptable agreements, often against challenging time frames. He is broadly experienced in mediating many areas, including:

  • Marital and Civil Partnership breakdown
  • Family disputes
  • Child residence and access issues
  • Grandparents’ access to children after divorce or separation
  • Care of elderly relatives
  • Property disputes
  • Maritime and shipping disputes
  • Workplace disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Disputes within academic organisations
  • Health Service disputes
  • Community and neighbour disputes
  • Consumer disputes
  • Public sector disputes
  • Commercial and contractual disputes
  • Land and property disputes

Alan is an accredited member of the Family Mediation Association, which is in turn affiliated with the Family Mediation Council. He is also a volunteer mediator with Portsmouth Mediation Service, a charity supporting dispute resolution in Portsmouth and the surrounding area. He has Bachelor’s degrees in science and in law and a Master’s degree in international relations. He completed his civil and commercial mediation training at the London School of Mediation, and his family mediation training with the ADR Group, an affiliate of the Family Mediation Council. He is a member of the Chartered Management Institute and is fully accredited by the Family Mediation Council and by the Civil Mediation Council.

Dr Caroline Hearn – Mediator

Caroline has been mediating for over 18 years, mainly in the commercial and contractual areas. She has a background in international business and the fine art world, and is well versed in the challenges that face companies operating in multi-national environments. A qualified psychotherapist, she has extensive experience of dealing with the most difficult and intractable personal, workplace and family problems and is able to bring her extensive understanding and expertise to bear in successfully mediating the most difficult of disputes.

She has enormous knowledge of negotiating and mediating multi-million pound contracts for the sale of high value items in the most challenging of markets. She practices in the following areas:

Caroline is available to offer mediation across southern and central England.

Robert-Jan Temmink KC – Barrister, Arbitrator & Mediator

Robert is an experienced barrister, arbitrator and mediator. He is recommended as a leading barrister in the legal directories where he is noted, amongst other things, for “getting to the point quickly” and for having a “great manner with clients”. He is an accredited commercial mediator and is a TECBAR-accredited arbitrator, mediator and dispute resolution board member. He specialises in commercial litigation in a wide variety of areas including aviation and shipping, energy, construction, and insurance law together with financial services, trusts, partnership and fraud. He is particularly experienced in cross-border and other jurisdictional issues both in the UK and abroad and he most regularly appears in the Technology & Construction, Commercial and Chancery courts in the United Kingdom.

Hampshire Mediation is proud to be associated with Conflict Mediation UK.